Grae Himself: The Beginning

Here it comes the unavoidable inaugural post. The beginning of a chapter that will surely make me shutter for years to come. It will cause me to glance at it from time to time, passing judgment on myself. Thoughts of ” I can’t believe I wrote that” or “I should delete that… It’s time.” Undoubtedly crossing my mind every time I cross paths with past myself. What does that have to with today? Nothing, today is the day I take the plunge into the enchanting unknown.

Horror has always been a thing for me from early childhood. I remember sneaking out of my room, down the stairs, and around the corner to our only television in the house, taking the wired tv remote off our possible 30inch floor model television. Soon-there-after I begin clicking buttons at random until eventual stumbling upon something, anything that looked scary. Now, as to what I watched, all those nights have long since faded. However, until the age of about eight years old. Every horror movie pretty much went the same for me. Gratuitous nudity followed by the first kill, followed by turning off the television and me running up the stairs in sheer terror hiding beneath the covers!

I probably watched over 15 movies in that same fashion! That was until I came across Pumpkinhead 1988, directed by a Stan Winston. That man that along with Tim Burton would continue to shape my childhood for years to come. Little did I know I was watching a Stan Winston film, nor did I know he was as from my home town. Nonetheless, Pumpkinhead is the first film that has officially scared the shit out of me. A majority of the movie I watched through the cracks of my fingers, but I did watch. Not able to process most of what I saw that day. Horror movies had taken ahold of my mind—the beginning of the thirst for more.

Thousands of horror and sci-fi movies later, I have arrived on this day. I’m well aware of my direction changing over time. For now, I think my blog will feature what I enjoy about being a fan. Crackpot fan fiction, notable horror news, and movie recommendations that get to the point!

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