Review: The Beach House 2019

Shudder’s The Beach House follows a college couple, Randall (Noah Le Gros)and Emily (Liana Liberato), who travels to his father’s beach house. The film starts as a regular weekend away at first, but they realize that there are other house guests. An older couple of family friends that have let some time lapse since their last interaction with the family. Initially, an awkward interaction, the other couple convince Randall and Emily to stay and invite them for dinner. 

Randall suggests that after wine runs out, they should all have some edibles, to keep the evening going. Once the edibles kick in, they start to trip. This harmless weekend starts to take a turn. The edibles hit everyone a little differently. When Mitch (Jake Weber) and Jane(Maryann Nagel), the older couple, start to see a weird luminous effect in the air and water, It’s hard to tell if t’s just them tripping or possibly some more at hand. From here on out, the weekend begins to become a nightmare. Mitch and Jane start acting erratically. The movie quickly takes on all the feels of “The Mist” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” 

Something is going on in the small beach community! Hiding in fog or possible in the water. Intentionally left ambiguous to the audience imaginations, following Emily as she tries to survive the night. The Beach House sprinkles impressions of a very modern Lovecraft storyline. 

The film itself has a lot of incredible practical effects. If there is any CGI used, it’s executed flawlessly. Shudder has chosen the perfect movie to interrupt fans wishing they get to go to the beach this summer instead of quarantining at home. The Beach House is a fun watch, with no cheap scares! Just a good old eco-horror that engulfs you in the mist while trying to figure it out.

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