90 Sec Review: Come Play

Oliver, a lonely young boy who feels different from everyone else. Desperate for a friend, he seeks solace and refuge in his ever-present cell phone and tablet.  When a mysterious creature uses Oliver’s devices against him to break into our world, Oliver’s parents (Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr.) must fight to save their son from the monster beyond the screen.

The Players

  • Director:   Jacob Chase
  • Writer:  Jacob Chase
  • Cast: Azhy Robertson, Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., Winslow Fegley

The Good (non spoiler)

Come play tackles parenting horror in a creative way. Oliver a seemingly lonely autistic boy who only friends seems to be his electronic devices. Oliver is contacted by Larry, which on the surface you would mistake for an imaginary friend. We quickly find out that Larry is very real! Jacob Chase does great job of telling the story of a parents love for their children no matter where they are in life.

The Bad

it’s impossible to watch this movie and not think about Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook. That being said the movie is far more entertaining from a rewatchability stand point. John Gallagher Jr as Marty is kind of a throw away character. Although he doesn’t seem to be a bad father in any way. His character just doesn’t do anything to drive the story.

Final Thoughts

Come Play is currently available on PVOD and Blu-ray. This one is defiantly a rent first before you purchase.

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