Wednesday Addams is coming to Netflix

Tim Burton is making a live-action Addams Family spinoff following the life and events of a teenage Wednesday Addams. While there are many details yet, we do know it was span 8 episodes. The show will focus on Wednesday’s relationships around school, her psychic abilities, and mysteries surrounding both a murder in the local town and her parents’ own supernatural pasts.

Review: Cursed 2020

Based upon the graphic novel by Frank Miller and TV showrunner Tom Wheeler, Adventure drama, starring Katherine Langford as Nimue. 

Cursed is presented as a prequel to King Arthur’s familiar tale, remixed introducing us to the lady of the Lake (Langford) when she was still just a magically gifted maiden Fay maiden. Seeking to stop the red paladins, led by Carden (Peter Mullan), a religious militia recking havoc around the landing, wiping out villages targeting their magical residents.

It may take an episode or two to become enthralled in this new Arthurian world’s retelling, but I’m excited for season two already! Currently available for streaming on Netflix

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