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Looking for other creatives in horror? Well look no further The Little Shop of Terrors is open for business. Here you can find links to other people I have worked with or just enjoyed their content and think its worth sharing!

Monthly Spotlight: Girl, That’s Scary!

Devin Baldwin

Writer Podcaster and Horror Content Creator

“I like horror movies, I like food, I like sitting in front of the computer writing about those two things instead of paying bills. ” – yeah, that’s just me


I Need You Jesse

Scott Dunn

Writer/Director/Actor at Mandao Films.

 Korean-American filmmaker from Illinois. Throughout his childhood, he made films with his friends as a hobby. After graduating high school, he began his career acting in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles.

Youtube Channel:

Scott Dunn Filmmaker

Bobby Torrez

Horror Youtube Creator

My name is Bobby and I decided to start this channel because I love to talk about movies. #Horrormovies in particular! I’ve always been in love with the horror genre since I was a kid, so I become very passionate when discussing horror films..

Youtube Channel:

Bobby Torrez


Something Ghoulish

Anthony is the founder of Something Ghoulish, Senior Podcast Producer, and a Professional Ghoul.


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